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Three Rules for App Daters – Part II

Hello and Happy Monday! Thanks for coming back, even after all this time, you shall be rewarded with finally finding out what happens when one encounters, wait for it, Potential Pitfall Number THREE! What is Potential Pitfall Number Three I … Continue reading

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Three Rules For App Daters – Part I

**And friends of App daters who don’t read this blog.** Hello readers happy belated 2016! Well let’s just say it’s been a rather slow start to the year all round for me. Unsurprisingly, not a lot of people are getting married … Continue reading

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A Christmassage Miracle

First off, Merry Christmas everyone! That’s about as Christmassy as this edition of Scarlett is going to get BUT it is a story about a massage (eventually) and that word works really well when combined with Christmas, so in order to remind you … Continue reading

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Hello thar! Welcome to another thrilling installment of the Life and Times of ME! In two parts this time! This week I’m back to business. My failing business that is. Yes BPA (Body Part Art, no it’s still NOT taxidermy) … Continue reading

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Body Part Art Explained

Hold your horses! Before you get all excited about there being an actual narrative here, this is merely a little background info piece for you and a chance for me to explain what it is I now do for a … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello there strangers (Mum), apologies for the radio silence, alright so it’s been more of a radio coma but I have awoken to offer up more laughs, and better times if you’ll take them. Much like seeing an old friend … Continue reading

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The Longest Date Known to Woman Part III: The Long Walk Home

  So that was awkward. I had to close my mouth and open it again like a fish to cover up my wanton kissy face. Totally worked, and yes, we’re still imprisoned on the bus of doom… As I predicted, … Continue reading

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